The Theatre in YOU


The Theatre in YOU

An Interactive, Digital Textbook.


The Theatre in YOU is an interactive digital text book intended for non-Theatre majors, yet also appropriate for majors as the text provides an excellent foundational understanding of the art form. The eleven chapters allow a professor adopting this text book the opportunity and flexibility within a traditional fifteeen week semester to interject their own specific expertise, experiences and interests into the class.  


The goal of this text is to discover a balance between foundational essentials and real world applications. It's my hope that using the textbook to it's fullest extent will allow the student to have a greater understanding regarding the process of creating theatre, gain an appreciation of the creative and performing artists working in the industry, and understand how the art form is relevant to the world in which we live.


More importantly, it's my hope that students will be able to use the knowledge they have gained in this class in their chosen profession and in their life. As Tony Wagner states in his book, Creating Innovators:



"Increasingly in this 21st century, what you know is far less important than

what you can do with what you know."



However, Wagner also notes: “Knowledge is also essential in order to innovate. You need foundational information to be able to discern what can and must be improved upon or changed.” This text provides a foundational knowledge of theatre in order that the student may begin to recognize how such knowledge may be relevant to them on a personal level. If you're a professor that believes in "students first", you might considering adopting this text- book for your class.


Real world examples from weddings to job interviews and athletics to politics form a basis of understanding in order that students may discover the relevancy of theatre in their lives. Eleven chapters provide a foundation with the opportunity for each professor to embrace numerous online teaching tools available on the internet. In todays world we can bring experts into our class with a click of a button and students will be able to do the same with access to video and audio clips within their text book from working professionals that prove it is possible to work and make a living in the theatre and entertainment industry.


Surveys and interactive responses have been developed to increase student participation and to jumpstart classroom discussions. End of chapter flashcards are the norm to encourage students to study anytime and anywhere on any digital device, as long as there is access to the interent. An online grade book is also available and professors can use available online quizzes or develop their own quizzes and exams.  Finally, it's important to realize that a digital interactive textbook costs about half of a traditional printed textbook which may be of specific interest to the student. As a parent currently paying tuition and purchasing textbooks, it's also important to me.


The Theatre in YOU premiered during the Fall 2017 semester. Feel free to contact Great River Learning Publishing in Dubuque, Iowa to find out more. 



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