The Music of Storybook Christmas

The brief medley below is intended to give potential producers insight regarding the instrumentation and lyrics of the music contained within the musical, Storybook Christmas. Several members of the original cast and a couple of guest performers were kind enough to record these songs in the months following the production and are featured in this recording.


Austin Taft, an extremely talented musician/songwriter in his own right, was kind enough to produce this thirteen song demo including the arrangements, playing all of the instruments, contributing vocals, and ultimately engineering the final mix. To him, I am extremely grateful of his time, talent and generosity and for taking my basic demo's and breathing life into each one.


At present each song has a Finale lead sheet providing the melody and lyric to each song (thank you Jason Riley). A basic chord / lyric sheet is also available for musicians with noted capo placements allowing guitarists to play each song in a specific key more easily.


 Stephen Taft

Medley of Storybook Christmas Music
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