A Note from the Playwright

Storybook Christmas is an excellent holiday musical intended for Professional Theatre Companies, Community Theatre's and University/College Theatre and Music programs interested in embracing their community and sharing the spirit of the holiday season wth a family-friendly musical.


As I sat in the audience during the premiere production I knew the goals and objectives of the production were being met. You can tell when an audience is laughing and when they're receptive to silly, tender or thoughtful moments. When the audience is leaning forward, kids are focused, and when families are staying and smiling for both acts, you know it's working. Of course, a talented cast was a key to the original success of the show. It was also gratifying to know the audience enjoyed the music as well. I wish I was Styne, Hammerstein or Soundheim, however, the songwriter side of me simply likes to tell stories, make people smile, and ultimately put into words the feelings others may have, but may not be able to express.


Over the past few of years there have been a variety of rewrites since the premiere, name changes and little tweaks here and there, and we've completed the recording of a soundtrack in order that potential producing organizations can not only read the script, but enjoy the music as well.


I realize that all theatre organizations strive for each production to be successful financially and artistically, particularly during the holiday season. I'm confident that Storybook Christmas will not only fit the bill to achieve your goals, but will also be a gift to your community as together you discover the humor, the heart, and the joy that is Storybook Christmas: A Musical Christmas Carol.  


Have a great day!


Stephen Taft

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