Storybook Christmas: A Musical Christmas Carol

Storybook Christmas: A Musical Christmas Carol premiered in December 2014 at the Oster Regent Theatre, home of the Cedar Falls Community Theater (CFCT) and played to over 1700 patrons! It was by all measures a success. It was the first original production produced by CFCT in the history of the organization. The talented cast was led by Gary Kroeger, former cast member of Saturday Night Live and veteran of television, film and theatre.



"Storybook Christmas is a humorous, heartfelft treat! It's an effective and entertaining re-telling of a familiar story with well-drawn and authentic chrarcters. Ultimately, this is the stuff of Dickens' beloved 'A Christmas Carol' -- life lessons in friendshop, love and compassion told with humor and good music. It's a great family treat for the holidays."

- Waterloo Courier


"Your work last night was amazing! I enjoyed the entire production and you are certainly to be commended for all the hats you wore to make it happen. I was especially interested in your songwriting before I attended and it was great to hear that side of your many talents.

John Vallentine
Director, School of Music.
"I watched your Christmas Story play twice and was very pleased with it. As I understand you did the whole script, staging and music. What a gifted person you are. We are supporters of both the CF Oster Regent Theater and the Lanesboro, MN Commonweal Theater/ I would like to pursue the possibility of finding what I need to do to get the script to the Commonweal group so they can review it."
Kent Ruby
Oster Regent Patron
"I saw Storybook Christmas last night, and although country music isn't usually my cup of tea (and I might not have gone except a ticket came with my season membership), I thought it was great."
  Ruth Walker  Oster Regent Patron
"If you haven't seen Storybook Christmas then GO!! It's fabulous! Blessings abound."
Cathy & Leonard Upham 
Oster Regent Patrons
"I loved it. Storybook Christmas is a fun twist on an old favorite with toe tapping songs and a message that reminds us all of the true meaning of Christmas. I came out of the theatre whistling some of the songs and thinking about Christmas in my hometown." "
Matt Ray  
DJ-KWAY 99.3FM Waverly, IA 
"My family loved it! A fun creative, country twist to a Christmas classic. The fact that it was 100% local made it even that more enjoyable."
Jim Coloff  
KVCM 93.5FM The MIX Cedar Falls, IA – owner 11 stations 
"Storybook Christmas is a new fun-loving holiday show with toe-tapping music, witty lyrics and an unforgettable timeless message."
 John C. Luzaich  
General Manager, Oster Regent Theatre



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