Jean Marie Donnelly - Educator

At the time of our conversation Ms. Donnelly was teaching the young actors of the Broadway production of Amelie. She had previously worked on Matilda and various productions in the television and film industry. Given her sense of humor and dedication to education, I suspect her students find that education can be fun. Considering the rehearsal process and number of shows per week of a Broadway production, I am sure that having a teacher that possesses a passion for education, the energy and creativity necessary in such an environment, and a teacher that truly cares about each young actor as a person is appreciated by the parents (who also benefit from Ms. Donnelly's guidance). 


It's not unusual for some college students pursuing a theatre degree to also pursue a degree in education "as a backup". Such a choice is sometimes encouraged by the parent. How many college students with a passion for theatre are aware that it is possible to work within the entertainment industry as a teacher?  It may be an option a student may wish to research and explore a bit more in terms of opportunity.


Special thanks to producer, Meredith Lucio for suggesting I talk with Jean. 


Jean Marie Donnelly - Educator
Jean Marie Donnelly is an educator working within the entertainment industry including Broadway, television and film.
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