As students are often hesitant to take that BIG step after graduation towards their dream, I wanted to explore the journey of the working artist in the theatre and film industry that took that elusive first step and continue to work in their chosen industry years after they were college students.  It's my hope current students will find their insights, perceptions, personal journeys and advice to be valuable and inspiring.  


I met with a host of wonderful people in NYC, L.A., San Diego, Washington D.C. and other places in-between; old friends, former classmates and colleagues I've met along the way. I hope I can say I've made some new friends as well. We met at offices, theatres, restaurants, coffee shops, a park bench and even a bowling alley.  There were also phone conversations and a couple of SKYPE conversations. 


I wish to extend my greatest appreciation to everyone that participated in these "chats and conversations".  It was been a pleasure.


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